Style 600SL Cartridge Seal

The Style 600SL mechanical cartridge seal is the first cartridge mounted seal to incorporate a conical stuffing box design, thus allowing successful use on slurries and dirty fluids.

Until now all mechanical cartridge seals have been designed with an integral shaft sleeve, which can be prone to causing clogging of the seal faces due to the limited space within the stuffing box. This design, with no seal parts inside the stuffing box, allows for installation on pumps where it is not possible to use standard mechanical cartridge seals. With no seal parts inside the stuffing box, slurry and dirt is less likely to clog the seal faces, therefore increasing seal life.

This seal incorporates a gland plate with flush connection and monolithic seal faces, manufactured from sintered materials, mounted on flexible elastomers. The dynamic O-ring seals on non-metallic, sintered materials so no fretting corrosion occurs. The Style 600SL is fitted with Viton® elastomers and Hastelloy® springs as standard.

This seal offers great reliability under the harshest of working conditions. The highly competitive cost of both the seal and spare parts, when compared to other cartridge mounted mechanical seals, offers real cost benefits to the end user and makes this seal a real innovation.

Style 600sl cartridge seal cut away drawing

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